Sunday, February 3, 2013

14 weeks...sweet lemonade

baby s is the size of a lemon this week! i am starting to document my pregnancy as the weeks progress. it will be so much fun to look back at these pictures one day and tell our baby all about the journey to their arrival. this week i'm making sweet sweet lemonade. 

How far along? as of today im actually 15 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: i lost 6 pounds during my first trimester but I am starting to gain that back. Trying to just enjoy, eat healthy and not worry too much about weight!

Maternity clothes? not yet but i definitely have a baby bump now!

Stretch marks? a few small fun

Sleep: used to be my favorite thing. now I have to get up at least 2-3x during the night {most mommies will know why} and all in all I just dont sleep quite as well anymore. it's so funny though because during the day I am super tired and can only think about the next time I get to lay down. go figure!

Best moment this week: reaching my 2nd trimester!

Movement: not yet. i can't wait until i say yes to this question!

Food cravings: no cravings but definitely some aversions. i used to love garlic but not anymore. also im not craving sweet things as much like cookies or cake. im in love with fruit right now though!

Gender: we can't wait to find out! im already planning the reveal party!

Labor Signs: not yet!

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on!

What I miss: sleep & caffeine

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender!

Weekly Wisdom: i am trying to savor every moment of this journey. i am a planner so it's so easy to start planning everything from the shower, to the nursery, to the pregnancy classes and more {and trust me i am haha} but i am learning to take it day by day and try my best to truly enjoy this season. 

Milestones: we heard the babies heartbeat at our last appointment a few weeks ago. that was such a beautiful moment! 

Queasy: its getting better as the days go on! 

Hubby: is so sweet and supportive! last night he took it to a whole other level too! haha. as romantic and sweet pregnancy is there are also just some moments that are unexpected, gross and surprising! he has been there for all of it so far and has such a peace that always calms my nerves. he talks to the baby everyday and it's really sweet to listen to. i can't wait to see him in action. he is going to be an amazing father!

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  1. i'm so excited for you Tish! (oh...and you look adorable!) ~Leah