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writer of you & me, wife to a hunk of a man, and as of recently, mom to baby cruz! i love family, style, design, traveling, baking, crafting, throwing parties, giving gifts, finding fun new neighborhoods in LA, the beach, country music, the south, new york during christmas, old movies, road trips, massages and anything spur of the moment. i'm at my happiest when i am with my family, enjoying the simple moments of life. 

born and raised in LA, dad to cruz, incredible husband, gifted writer, accountant & dodgers lover. one thing i love most about my husband is his incredible wisdom and love for the Lord. he always has the best advice and knows when to speak and when not to. he loves food, finding cool restaurants in la, jumping in the car and traveling up north on PCH, a good cup of coffee, beef, sports, and our dog, who of course he named dodger. he is in short the best thing that has and will ever happen to me along with our son. i am blessed!

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