Wednesday, July 10, 2013

39 weeks...come on cruz!

I'm 39 weeks which means Cruz could literally be here any minute now! I am feeling super pregnant and ready for him to come! I am having a few small complications which makes the waiting game even harder but I definitely want it to happen in His time and not mine. That doesn't mean a little walking hurts right? I have been out power walking at least twice a day for the past few weeks and I really feel like it's helping. Whether it is moving things along or not it just feels good to get out and stretch my aching back and muscles. It's hard to believe that the end is almost here. Really though this is JUST the beginning! These past nine months have been amazing. I don't take any moment of it for granted. I am ready for the next season though! I can't wait to hold our precious boy and really can't wait to see Eddie with him! It may seem silly to document my pregnancy and the years after but I value these moments too much to not do it! Blogging is my own sort of journal in a way. I do it for me. It brings me so much joy to write everything down and to look back on these sweet times. Who knows how long it will last but I hope to still be writing about our little life and adventures here even when we are old and gray. For now I am young, healthy and am not really sure if there is gray under this blonde hair or not, SO, continue to blog I must... hopefully my next post will be a picture of our precious boy!