Monday, January 28, 2013

baby s.

as many of you now know we are expecting our first baby...we have fondly named "it" baby s. i have wanted to write a blog post about this for a while but between the holidays and morning sickness i just haven't quite felt up to the task but today is the day! the news honestly came as a complete surprise to us! i woke up one morning in late october and just decided to take a pregnancy test...i keep them in stock! i really had no reason to take the test that morning as there were no immediate signs pointing to being pregnant but I still just felt like I should take one. i mean, why not? i had taken so many tests before and they always read NOT PREGNANT so I honestly expected the same response. to my complete shock it read PREGNANT this time! {wow} i still wasn't sure so I took two more tests and they read the same way. it was really true! our dream of being parents had finally come to pass! eddie came home later that evening and i told him to sit down on the couch in front of the christmas tree which at the time only had white lights on it and one present under it. yes my tree was up in late october...i know i know. i came out with the positive pregnancy test and a big bow on my belly and shouted "we're pregnant!" he was overwhelmed with joy and we both hugged each other and wiped away happy tears for what seemed like forever. i then ran over to the tree and gave him his first "daddy" gift. what a precious moment it was! next was how to tell the family? for those of you that know my mother, you KNOW how excited she was going to be so it had to be special! we ended up making a video that included our entire family. it showed pictures of both grandparents weddings, our parents weddings, our parents as kids and finally us as kids and our story until now. we showed my family the video a few nights later and it was such a special and fun moment! {a few images from the video are below but excuse the quality as they are snap shots from the video.} we then sent the video out to the rest of our immediate family and shared in the joy of baby s for the next few days with everyone! we were finally able to announce it to the world on christmas day. how exciting that was! i am now 14 weeks and have entered my second trimester. i am definitely starting to show and i love it. we have seen the baby four times now and this last time it finally looked like a baby as opposed to just a peanut and was moving it's little arms and legs all around! so far we have a very healthy and active little one! i am so excited to begin the journey of pregnancy and motherhood and am so happy to share it with all of you. i am excited, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time but I know my trust is in the Lord and we are so very thankful for this gift He has entrusted us with. what an honor it already is to be this little sweet pea's mommy.

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  1. Aww Make me cry tish!!! So Sweet I loved it Thanks for Sharing lovey!!