Tuesday, June 25, 2013

thirty seven weeks!

How far along?

37 weeks...Cruz is officially full term!

Total weight gain/loss:

19 pounds

Maternity clothes?

still loving my maternity jeans! luckily I'm still able to wear regular shirts and dresses. they need to make maternity shoes though...any other moms feel me? haha. swollen feet and ankles stuffed in a tiny shoe is just not pretty! thank goodness for cute flip flops and glitter toms right now.

Stretch marks?

a few have popped up in the last 3 weeks...lovely. i found a great vitamin e oil though from whole foods that is working great!



Best moment this week:

hearing my doctor say "it could be any day now!" ready or not :)


tons! we can feel his little foot pressed up against my belly. it's so cute and little!

Food cravings:

not really


boy :)

Labor Signs:

ive had some intense Braxton hicks but no true labor signs yet. it could happen any moment though so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself! waiting is so hard. i feel like time is standing still!

Belly Button in or out?

out, out, out!

Wedding rings on or off?

off and play ones on ;)

What I miss:

i would say a full nights sleep but even after pregnancy that won't happen very often anymore and I'm ok with that.

What I am looking forward to: his arrival and strangely enough, labor. I am nervous and a little {ok a lot} terrified of labor but I'm also sort of excited to go through the process and experience it all! I filled out my birthing plan this week and am so happy with my doctor, hospital & the personal choices we've made as a couple for my labor and delivery.

Weekly Wisdom: don't miss the now. Cruz could come anytime now but it could also be another 3-4 weeks. as hard as the waiting game is I also want to enjoy the "now" while I can! i am soaking in every moment with my husband, every morning I sleep in, every peaceful bubble bath I take knowing full well that all could change any second! i don't mind the small inconveniences that are coming though because along with them comes the most precious gift in the world and I would already do ANYTHING for that boy! it is nice though to enjoy these "now" moments!


reaching "full term" baby status!

Queasy: nope

Hubby: is ready! his hospital bag was packed and in our trunk before mine was. he can't wait to meet his son!

in closing haha...call me crazy but if you know me well you know my favorite time of the year is Christmas time so to all of the other Christmas lovers out there, merry half Christmas!

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  1. Aww! I love reading your thoughts, Tisha! I'm so excited for you and can tell that you are bubbling over with joy and anticipation! You and Eddie are going to be legendary parents...the kind of parents that Cruz will brag about and make other kids jealous :) And...like you, I love Christmas! I, too was wishing people a Merry Half Christmas today too! :) You're not alone, my Christmas fanatic friend ;)

    Happy Birthing to you! Can't wait to hear more news from you soon!