Tuesday, May 7, 2013

thirty weeks

its hard to believe I am thirty weeks along now! it's been a while since I last posted anything. i'll blame that on the pregnancy and planning of our baby shower :) {post to follow soon from the baby q!} the last few months have been absolutely amazing though. cruz is moving around so much and its so fun to feel and watch his movements. i have been blown away with the love and support from our family and friends and by people's generosity. there is no doubt that our little man is loved and as his mommy that makes me so very happy! here's a little update on my pregnancy:

How far along? 30 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: i am at a total of 10 pounds gained so far and have 10 more to go before july to be where my doctor would like me to be. cruz is super healthy and everything seems to be right on track. trying to just enjoy, eat healthy (don't get me wrong i cheat ALOT. that's the best part of pregnancy right?!) and have fun during this process!

Maternity clothes? yes! not so much with shirts yet since flowy things are in style and easy to find but i definitely had to buy a few pairs of maternity jeans. the belly band just didn't cut it anymore, haha.

Stretch marks? not really. my cream has worked wonders!!!

Sleep: for a while i was doing great but this last week has been tough. i NEED a body pillow!!

Best moment this week: feeling the biggest kick yet from cruz! he has really been showing off the last few days and it is amazing to feel and watch. i tear up almost every time. what an incredible journey!

Movement: oh yes 

Food cravings: nope

Gender: BOY

Labor Signs: no but in just a few short months i will say yes to that...how crazy is that?!

Belly Button in or out? out and its SO weird. i definitely have an "inny" so this is a new thing. im anxious to see what happens to it after he is born. tmi?

Wedding rings on or off? ok ok ill fully admit it...they are off. yes im in the third trimester which brings along joyous things like swelling in my hands, feet and ankles. 

What I miss: same answer as last time...sleep & caffeine

What I am looking forward to: finishing up his room. now that the baby shower is over we can start putting his room all together. so far we have bought his changing table, dresser and are buying the crib this week. i love to just go and sit in his room with his little toys and clothes and just dream about the days and moments i will spend with him and eddie here. oh boy here i go tearing up again...what can i say he melts my heart already. he is not even here yet and i am still so aware that the greatest thing i will ever do and the greatest privilege of my life is being his mommy.

Weekly Wisdom: faith not fear. we heard an amazing sermon by joel osteen and he talked about speaking faith instead of speaking fear and the power that comes when you speak something into existence. i tend to deal with fear in a lot of areas. fear for my families safety, fear over the future, fear over finances, etc. but God has not called us to live in fear. living in fear is not really living at all! naturally since i struggle with fear, the fear of childbirth and of being a good mom in general has been a daily battle for me. i probably say "faith not fear" out loud at least five times a day. anytime a thought or situation arises that causes me to fear i speak it! so much so that i was in line at a grocery store the other day and had an overwhelming sense of fear come over me and in that moment i felt the Lord say to me "speak it." i was like, really? no not in line with all of these people i'll just "think it." i mean you know my thoughts right? yes i knew he did but i also know the power in speaking it so right there in line i said "faith not fear." ill admit it wasn't super loud, i mean im not a crazy person haha, but it was enough for my spirit to settle and to know i was doing my part to live a free and fearless life. so, if you are like me and struggle with fear in any area i encourage you to speak faith NOT fear over your life! i promise your faith will begin to grow and your fear will start to decrease. 

Milestones: reaching 30 weeks!

Queasy: no

Hubby: is amazing! he cooked the BEST bbq pulled pork for our shower...i mean he's handsome, AND he can cook?! i'll keep him. :)

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